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How to make a parachute



  • large plastic bag (strong if possible) or fabric, an old tea towel is good
  • scissors
  • long piece of string
  • ruler
  • protractor
  • tape
  • curtain ring/keyring
  • teddy bear or other cuddly animal


Cut a large circle out of the plastic bag or fabric. To draw a good circle, about 50cm across, choose a spot near the centre of the bag. Use your ruler to measure out lines of equal length, (25cm) coming from the centre of the circle: connect the points at the ends of the lines to make your circle (or find a large round object and draw around it). The better you draw your circle, the better your parachute will be.

Use the protractor to divide the circle into six equal parts. Each part will have an angle of 60°. It will look like a pizza with six slices.  Make small holes about 2cm in from the ends of the lines that separate the six parts of the circle. There should be six holes in total.

Cut the string into six equal pieces. Each piece should be about 3 times the length of your circle’s radius (the radius is the distance between the centre of the circle and the edge of the circle), plus and extra 5cm.  So, if the radius of your circle is 25cm long, then your string pieces should each be 75+5 = 80 cm long.

 Tie one end of each of the six strings to the six holes.

 Tie the loose ends of the strings to the curtain ring/key ring. Attach a    rubber band around your object and attach this to the ring. If your object is a teddy bear like mine, please be gentle.